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加拿大拍卖会推荐 寿山石芙蓉普寿桃印章

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【藏.荐】栏 为藏品强大的传播效应向各位买家推荐经国家一级鉴定专家甄选的艺术珍品,为藏家牵线搭桥,让千百件艺术珍品价值被 发掘与重视,在拍卖会上得以高价成交。

The[Tibetan. Recommendation] column recommends to the buyers the art treasures selected by the national level expert for the strong dissemination effect of the collection, and connects the Tibetans to allow the value of thousands of art treasures to be discovered and valued. The auction can be high. Price transaction.




规格 重:128g

【类别】 杂项类

[Name]Shoushan Stone Furong pushou peach seal

SpecificationWEIGHT: 128G

[Category] Miscellaneous category






据小编了解,伴随着一路上扬的走势和国内艺术市场的火热,寿山石在2006年底价格达到了历史最高,精品价格达到每克4000元,普通品的价格平均也有每克1000元。2006年香港苏富比秋拍上,“明17世纪田黄石雕瑞狮纸镇”以4089.28万元成交,位居历年寿山石卖TOP 10首位。明末清初寿山石冻达摩面壁像”,于2010516日由中国嘉德以1568万元拍出。寿山石是国宝,饮誉中华,扬名天下,具有极高的收藏价值。寿山石的原石,因为它特殊的质地、颜色、光泽和纹路等,自有它的欣赏和收藏价值,而雕制成工艺品的寿山石具有更高的欣赏和收藏价值。

It is one of the four traditional Chinese seal stones, which is located in the Golden Triangle at the junction of Jin'an District, Lianjiang County and Luoyuan County in the north of Fuzhou It is also widely used for carving figures, animals, flowers and birds, landscapes, stationery, utensils and other works of art. Its stone crystal clear, fat run, colorful, color and Lustre, color, color, with rare, humane and appreciation of the characteristics of the people at home and abroad, and in 2003 was identified as the national stone candidates. Shoushan stone color is very rich, colorful. Some have different colors in the same stone. According to mineralogists, Shoushan stone has such a magnificent color, mainly due to oxidation, iron, magnesium, potassium, and some micronutrient content. It's a different color for different micronutrient. When the colors are mixed, they form a beautiful pattern. Sometimes the different colors in a stone are formed by multiple geological movements. After the Ming Dynasty, Shoushan stone began to be used in seal materials. Many varieties, colorful color, a wide range of uses, quality, texture, rich performance, cultural heritage and orderly. A large area of Shoushan stone is precisely the best way to show the natural beauty of the stone, which also requires the master of seal stone carving to start from the specific circumstances of the seal stone and to follow the situation The combination of the beauty of carving technique and the beauty of Shoushan stone itself is the most beautiful of Shoushan stone. Judging from the carving, the work is running smoothly. Whether it is the peach or the character on the seal, the master craftsman uses his skillful technique to carve the seal perfectly, as if he is mixed with the owner of it. The handling of details is delicate and natural, the craftsmanship is soft and delicate, and the seal is exquisite in the carving of the characters, while the craftsmanship of the craftsman of this Shoushan stone seal can be described as deft and exquisite in the carving of the characters It shows the humanistic charm and artistic value of the work. According to the traditional custom, Shoushan stone is divided into three kinds of more than 100 kinds, which are Tiankeng something, Tiankeng something, Tiankeng something and Shuikeng something. Tiankeng refers to the Shoushan village along the stream paddy produced by the stone, to Tian Huang as representative, is the treasure of Shoushan stone. Shuikeng refers to the south of Shoushan village, the stone produced by the Hang Tou vein, because the ore body in groundwater, by long-term erosion of water body, crystal stone. Top Grade Crystal frozen price is not below Tian Huang. Hill pit refers to mining in Shoushan village around the mountain of pyrophyllite, its stone old, such as hibiscus, Litchi, Shan Bo, and so on, recently doubled value. According to Xiao Bian's understanding, with the rising trend along the way and the hot domestic art market, Shoushan stone prices reached an all-time high at the end of 2006, the price of fine products reached 4,000 yuan per gram, and the average price of ordinary products also reached 1,000 yuan per gram. In 2006, Sotheby's Hong Kong Autumn Auction, Ming 17th Century Tian Huang Stone Carving Ruishi paperweight sold for 40,892,800 yuan, ranking among the TOP 10 Shoushan stone sales. Shoushan stone statue of Daruma in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties was sold by China Guardian on May 16,2010 for 15.68 million yuan. Shoushan stone is a national treasure, known in China, the world, with a very high collection value. Shoushan stone, because of its special texture, color, luster and texture, has its own appreciation and collection value, while carved into handicrafts Shoushan stone has a higher appreciation and collection value.



This collection is recommended for this Canadian auction. We welcome you to our company for appreciation and negotiation. The majority of collectors can understand the details through the major media and welcome to our company Go through the relevant formalities in advance and come to the company for consultation. A collection of transactions can not be separated from advertising The company since its inception, always uphold the open, fair, fair, honest, trustworthy service principles, relevant qualifications, do the most practical publicity, the highest platform, enjoy the best service. Special Tips: (The above collection holders trust me to sell in good faith, welcome all collectors to consult or bid, the pictures are in-kind shot, if in doubt can make an appointment to see our in-kind)





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